Environmental protection


As an established, modern recycling company, we are aware of our responsibility for the environment and gladly accept it. Here, too, we think and act holistically. With our certified environmental management and high environmental standards, we go beyond the legal requirements. This is good for the environment and reduces potential liability risks.

The production of steel from recycled scrap steel consumes 72% less energy than the production from primary raw materials. This is one of the reasons why we save almost 960,000* tons of CO2 every year. As a result we actively conserve resources and help to minimize the negative effects of extracting raw materials in mining areas. For our efforts and performance in environmental protection we have been given an award from the State of Baden-Württemberg.

*Calculation on the basis of the Fraunhofer UMSICHT study

Source: Fraunhofer UMSICHT study

We want to continue making things better. That’s why we develop innovative methods to process problematic waste. And the reaction is positive. That’s why our project for de-oiling and processing of turnings was funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment. Because we take soil and groundwater protection seriously, we protect our site with double HDPE film and sensors. In addition, we have our own wastewater and emulsion processing facilities as well as consistent radioactivity controls. With all these measures we prove that environmental protection is not a trend at Lang Recycling, but a conviction that has been practiced for generations.

Source: Fraunhofer UMSICHT study